David Dong

David Dong, Honarary Chairman of the Board, arrived in Australia in 1988 and has been a key figure in Chinese/Australian relations in various sectors that include Finance, Resources, Energy and Environmental Protection.

Taking a ground breaking role in these areas has meant David has highly developed interpersonal skills that have been equally supplemented with an ability for strategic planning and effective implementation to assist with navigating complex regulations of two distinct cultures.

His ability to adapt to the business landscapes of Australia and foster improved and effective relationships between China and Australia is now a matter of record and one that brings distinction and pride to all groups and individuals that David does business with.

In 2013 and 2014, David Dong was invited by the Chinese government to attend the meeting and photo shoot (see pictures below) with the Chinese leaders including National President Mr. Xi Jiping and the State Prime Minister Mr. Li Keqiang.

Positions currently held:

  • Chairman of Australia-China Council for Promotion of Economic Cooperation

  • Research Fellow of Shanghai Municipal Economy Research Centre

  • Member of Consulting Committee of Shanghai/Hong Kong Economy Development Association

  • Honorary Director of National Board of China Overseas Friendship Association and 6 other associated Provincial Overseas Friendship Associations with the positions of Director, Vice Chairman and Honorary Chairman appointed by the Chinese government

  • Economy Consultant of the Weihai Municipal Government of Shandong Province

Previous Chinese & Shanghai Government Positions (28 years):

  • Secretary General of Foreign Affairs of Shanghai Municipal Peoples Congress, Peoples Republic of China

  • Deputy Managing Director (Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation) of Shanghai Huanong Industry Investment Company owned by Shanghai Municipal government.. Incorporated over 30,000 manufacturers and companies

Extensive experience in Sino-Australian business facilitation includes:

  • 27 years working experience in the banking, insurance, securities, energy and mining sectors in Australia and Europe, Asia Pacific region.

  • 18 years managed Australian listed company as Just Australia China Holdings Ltd from 1988, within 5 years, increased corporation asset value by ten-fold

  • 1998 Assisted Australian Leading Insurance Company - Colonial Mutual Group obtained life insurance license in China as exclusive Australian Insurance Company

  • Assisted Colonial Mutual Group in forming Joint Venture with China Life in Shanghai

  • Working for Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) 22 years as Group Senior Adviser to China. Investment & Trade Development Specialist

  • 12 years assisted Hannover Reinsurance in Germany as Group Senior Adviser to China

  • ·Assisted Australia in exportation to China including Iron Ore, Coal, Aluminum & Wool

Other Notable Engagements:

  • Trading Consultant for major Chinese Steel Mills including: Sinosteel, Shandong, Capital, Xinyu Pingxiang and Nanchang as well as for the Lanxi Aluminum Group

  • ANZ Bank in Australia: Consultant (1990-1992)

  • Colonial Mutual Group: Senior Adviser for China (1993-1999) 

  • Hannover Reinsurance in Germany (1998 – 2010) as Group Senior Adviser for China 

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Senior Adviser for China (2000 - 2015)

  • Trading Consultant for BHP, FMG and CITIC in Australia

  • Senior Consultant for Ernst & Young and Mallesons Lawyers in Australia:

  • Project Consultant for Worley in Australia:

  • Assisted Joint Venture between China Life and Colonial Mutual Group in Shanghai 

  • Managed Joint Venture between China Baosteel and Just Australia China Holdings Ltd

  • Managed relationship between China Reinsurance and Hanover Reinsurance.

  • Managed the investment as major shareholder in Just Australia China Holdings Ltd from China Merchant Holdings in Hong Kong owned by the Transportation Ministry of PR China