History & Miletstones

Just China Holdings' corporate timeline that illustrates and highlights the major achievements and milestones in the company's history.

Just China Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, originally Just Australia China Holdings Ltd, formed in 1986 as a consultancy group focused on developing Australasian cooperation.


The  company  had a wide  range of shareholders, consisting of companies and individuals  from, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, America, Europe and  the middle East.


Set out below are some key milestones in the company’s history.


1986 – Company formed under Just Australia China Holdings Ltd in Melbourne, Australia


1987 - Just Australia China Holdings Ltd was listed on the main board of the Australian Stock Exchange.


1988 – China Merchant Holdings of Hong Kong and Guangdong International Trust & Investment Co., joined the Just China board with 20% interest in the company.


1989 - Finalised a groundbreaking deal with Baosteel (one of China's largest Steel Mills).


1994 – Ranked and listed in the “Top 100 Australian-listed Company” list.


1995 – David Jun Dong, Deputy Executive Chairman and Chief Executive of China, Asia & Pacific, formed the new entity Just China Holdings Pty Ltd. This wholly Australian owned company concentration is in the areas of consultancy, trade and investment.


1998 – Worked with the Colonial Mutual Group to obtain its Australian Life Insurance company; the exclusive life insurance licence as approved by Chinese Government


2008 to 2011 – Established cooperation between China and Australia to develop coal seam gas industry in Henan and Heilongjiang Provinces.


2015 – Formed Just China Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd to development and implement new strategies and cooperations in the areas of innovation, environment sustainability, early learning, real estate and development.


2016 - Established and developed cooperations with partners in focused areas of early education, innovation and sustainability.


2017 - Diversified into areas of hospitality and seniors living.