Roger Han

Roger Han was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director for
Just China Holdings ( Australia ) in 2015. He is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Elite Group of companies.

Roger has over 25 years broad experience in the areas of capital raising, property development, asset management and business development across Australia and Asia-Pacific region; he is passionate on sustainability and has a strong desire to develop entrepreneurial ideas into successful businesses, and a proven track record of spotting talented inventors and innovative products.

His commitment to providing professional advice and strategies to both the government and private sectors from project inception to delivery; concept to commercialisation has set a new direction for the group. His proven industry track record is a direct result of his perpetual commitment towards delivering high standard of knowledge with experience.

As CEO and Managing Director of the group, Roger will shift the company direction to the keys areas of:

  • Innovation
  • Environment sustainability & protection
  • Real estate
  • Early learning and education
  • Seniors & independent living