Independent Living

Just China Holdings is committed to providing the best choices in established communities to support seniors in the community.

  • Adopting the concept of "Aging in Place"
  • Enabling them to continue to live independently
  • Enabling them to remain connected with their local community; and
  • Providing living environments that support wellbeing


Just China Holdings strives to create residencies reflecting the growing needs of the modern day senior with state of the art amenities and adaptive technologies to help minds and bodies stay active and healthy.


Adopt the latest research to promote longevity by keeping our young and old generations connected through intergenerational programs to:

  • Provide an opportunity for both to learn new skills
  • Give the child and the older adult a sense of purpose
  • Invigorate and energize older adults
  • Help reduce the likelihood of depression in the elderly
  • Reduce the isolation of older adults
  • Aid in cognitive stimulation